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Szentes Day 4

Szentes Day 4!

Today we got up early to be at Deak Ferenc Altalanos Iskola, our partner school in Hungary, for 8am, the time at which Hungarian children start school.

In Ildiko's officeWe were greeted at the school by Ildiko, the Head teacher, and Szilvia, one of the school's English teachers, who has been our fantastic guide and interpretator. We went straight upstairs to Ildiko's office, where we talked about what we want fromMrs Garland on her Ipad the link and how our schools are similar and different.

After we had discussed possible plans, we were taken on a guided tour of the school; we saw lots of the children in their classrooms and a fantastic performance from some of the younger children.

We even saw the school's pumpkins in their vegetable garden! I haven't checked ours yet, I wonder which are growing faster?

Pumpkin seeds from Brookside!

The school is one of very few bi-lingual schools in Hungary, where children are taught in both Hungarian and English, from their first day at the school. The children start school at 6 years old and for the firstAn English classroom few years are not taught English grammar or to read or write English. They are taught lots of songs, nursery rhymes andSome English work stories and how to speak English. These younger children performed a range of stories and songs for us with a 'Water and the sea' theme. They had even An English town centre modeladapted 'We're going on a bear hunt' into 'We're going on a treasure hunt!'

Later we saw more classes, including some fo the older children in Geography and History classes. Finally we were given lunch in the school dining room, a delicious soup, followed by pork with a cherry sauce.

Tonight Ildiko has invited us to her house for tea!

PS: Just to prove it hasn't been sunny all the time!

Raindrops keep falling on my head!

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