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Gold Badge Holders - Key Stage 2

Our gold badge holders are chosen for each class, for the year.  They are  trustworthy, hard working, caring  and sensible members of the class.

Class 8 - Scott Matthews, Luca Stamate, Macey Cox-Roberts, Tamzin Wilding, Erin Gibbons and Lottie Gilby

Class 9 - Alfie Smith, Emily Rawlings, Hugh Mclennan, Imogen Northcott-Lowndes, Jake Wilding and Katie Lovelock

Class 10 - Kaylee Nisbet, Ellie Wicks, Benjamin Russell, Harry Redman, Maisie Williams and Jake Leavy

Class 11 - Bella Winn, Anneliese Calvert, Eleanor Napper, Taylor Govier, Robert Harris and Liam Criddle

 Class 13 - Kaya Potts, Tanisha Legresley, Millie Frost, Flynn McAfee, Rebecca Weech and Maddie Windsor.

Class 14 - Erin Crofts, Teigan Lang, Seth Culliford, Daisy Durston and Jasmine Stringer.

Class 15 - Callum Rose, Jak Stone, Isobel Knight, Thomas Curnow, Molly Clinkard and Bronwyn Job.

Class 16 - Jack Smith, Ellissa Hamlett, Hailey-Kate Haworth, Silas Parker-Bombosch, Neave Bellamy and Mia Vaughan.

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